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About Us

The Virginia Association of Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows was organized in 1950 in Cleveland, Ohio during the 10th session of the National Association of Ministers’ Wives, under the leadership of Mrs. Elizabeth Coles Bouey, the founder of the National Association of Ministers’ Wives.  The purpose of our organization is to:


  • Unite into one sisterhood, ministers’ wives and ministers’ widows of various religious denominations for greater and more effective service in kingdom building    


  • Hold an educational conference annually where ministers’ wives and ministers’ widows could come for information and inspiration that they might be better prepared to solve the many problems facing them

  • Cultivate international good will, develop stronger interpersonal relationships, and foster a more effective communication network


  • Promote cultural exchange with ministers’ wives and widows around the world


  • Function as a Christian non-profit corporation and implement the Christian and Charitable purposes of the corporation.


Dr. Elizabeth Coles Bouey

Founder and First President

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